Tax Help for Disabled Taxpayers

By | April 23, 2014

Special help is available for people with disabilities. If you can not complete your tax return because of a disability, you can get help at an IRS office, and / or Assistance Program Voluntary Taxpayer Preparation of Income Tax ( VITA ) for the sponsored IRS . For more information about the service IRS that are available, refer to Topic 101 or see Publication 910 ( PDF ), Tax Guide IRS Free Services .


TTY Tax Help

Telephone support is available for the deaf and hard of hearing people using the computer TTY. ‘s toll-free number for these services is 800-829-4059 and the hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm (local time of the caller); Alaska and Hawaii are governed by PT. Deaf and hard of hearing who do not have this equipment, people could gain access by federal or state telecommunication services.Visit the accessibility of the IRS, containing an updated tax products that are available to download list.

If you prefer a hard copy letter in Braille or large font size, call the IRS at (800-829-3676).For more information about these topics and other areas that may affect people with disabilities, see Publication 907, Important Tax Changes for people with disabilities .