Receiving an IRS Letter or IRS Notice

By | April 23, 2014

What happens when you receive an IRS Letter or an IRS Notice? Does this mean that the taxpayer is under a full tax audit? Each year, the IRS sends millions of letters and notices to taxpayers for several reasons.

Here are ten things to know if one of these IRS letters or IRS Notices appear in your mailbox.

  1. Do not be alarmed. A simple reply will most likely resolve the matter
  2. There are many reasons why the IRS can send a letter or notice. Usually, it is a specific issue in your federal taxes or your tax account. A notice may inform you about changes to your account or request additional information. It could also tell you who has to make a payment on taxes owed. It does not automatically mean an audit.
  3. Each notice contains detailed instructions on what to do and who to contact
  4. You may receive a notice that the IRS has made a correction to your tax return. If so, review the information and compare it with your original tax return.
  5. If you agree with the information in the notice, generally you do not have to respond to the letter unless stated otherwise or need to submit a payment.
  6. If you disagree with the notice, it is important to respond. You should write a letter explaining the reasons for the opposition. Include all information and documents that you want the IRS to consider. Send your answer by post along with the portion of the notice. Send it to the address shown in the upper left corner of the notice. Allow at least 30 days for reply. Someone in the IRS will review the information.
  7. In most cases, you do not need to call or visit an IRS office. If you have questions, call the number on the top right corner of the notice. Make sure you have copies of your tax return and notice when you call. This will help the IRS to answering your questions.
  8. Keep copies of any notices you receive along with your other tax documents.
  9. The IRS letters and notices sent by mail. The IRS will never communicate by email or social media to ask for personal and / or financial.

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