Obtaining Prior Years Tax Returns from IRS

By | February 18, 2015

Getting an old tax return from the IRS can be a very simple process if certain tips are followed. Make sure to keep old IRS transcripts for up to 6 years. This will be useful in case any past IRS tax returns are audited and you need to present a defense to the IRS.


Getting Old Tax Return From IRS

There are many reasons why you might need a copy of the information from your tax return for previous years. So you may need when applying for a student loan, a mortgage for a house or a credit card. If you do not have your copy, the IRS can help. It’s easy to get a free IRS transcript. Here are several ways for you to get what you need:

  • Transcript of Your Tax Return. A transcript of the statement shows most line of your tax return just as presented. It also includes the forms and exhibits presented. However, it does not reflect changes made ​​to the statement after the presented. In most cases, your transcript of the tax will have all the information a lender or other agency needs.
  • Transcript of Tax Account . This transcript shows the adjustments made ​​by you or the IRS after you filed your tax return. Displays basic information such as marital status, type of statement, the adjusted gross income and taxable income.
  • How to Get a Transcript. You can order transcripts online, by phone or by mail. Both types of transcripts are free. They are available for the most recent after the IRS has processed your refund tax year. You can also obtain copies of the last three tax years..


Ordering Old Tax Returns from the IRS

  • Order Online. Use the ‘tool Sort Transcript ‘available on IRS.gov. You can use this tool to confirm your identity and to view and print copies of your transcript immediately in one session, for free. The tool is available for five types of tax records: tax account transcript, transcript tax, account registration, wages and incomes and verification of no show.
  • Order by Phone . Call 800-908-9946. A recorded message will guide you through the process.
  • Order by Mail. The easiest way to order your transcript by mail is to use the online option on IRS.gov Sort Transcript by mail . You can also complete the electronic and Form 4506T-EZ to get your transcript of your tax return. Use Form 4506-T to request your tax account transcript by mail.
  • How to Get a Copy of Tax Return. Copies of your tax returns are generally available for the current tax year and six years ago. The cost per copy is $ 50. Complete and submit the Form 4506 by email to request a copy of your tax return. Send your request to the IRS office on the form for your area.


Old IRS Transcripts my Mail from IRS

Delivery for orders online and by phone usually take 5-10 days from the time the IRS receives the request. You must wait 30 days to receive a transcript ordered by mail and 75 days for copies of your tax return. You can print tax forms online at IRS.gov/forms.To get the forms in the mail visit IRS.gov/orderforms to order.