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2016 Tax Refund Schedule

After I file my taxes for 2015, when will I get my 2016 tax refund? IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart for 2016 shows when you may receive a tax refund after submitting your tax return with the IRS the earliest being January 11, 2016. These are just estimates. The IRS does not provide information on… Read More »

IRS Split Refund Policy and Savings Bonds

Split Refund Option: Purchase U.S. Savings Bonds Tax filers may directly purchase U.S. Savings Bonds in 2016 with their tax refunds. Filers can check off on their tax return that they want to use part of their tax refund to electronically purchase Savings Bonds. This is a feature of the IRS split refund policy. It… Read More »

Tips of Choose Tax Return Preparer

It is important to choose carefully when hiring an individual or firm to prepare your return. Well-intentioned taxpayers can be misled by preparers who don’t understand taxes or who mislead people into taking credits or deductions they aren’t entitled to in order to increase their fee. Every year, these types of tax preparers face everything… Read More »

2015 IRS Tax Refund Schedule (2014 Tax Year)

When will you receive your 2014 tax refund after you file your taxes now 2015? It is possible to estimate when a taxpayer will get their refund after they file their taxes based on information from prior tax years. Typically, the earlier a taxpayer files their tax return, the quicker a refund will be sent… Read More »

Buying Savings Bonds With Tax Refund

With the savings bond program, you can save some of your tax refund to buy savings bonds of the United States (U.S. Savings Bonds). For just $ 50, you can buy a savings bond and start saving for the future of your family.   Buying Savings Bonds With Tax Refund – Form 8888 Savings bonds can… Read More »

608C Dishonored Check Penalty Explained

My check (payment) was rejected by the bank. Now what do I do with IRS? Sometimes, the taxpayer calls the IRS because he received the letter 608C, Dishonored Check Penalty Explained , stating that the bank did not pay the amount to the IRS and returned his check or other commercial payment document. The IRS does not forward to the bank for collection… Read More »