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Estate Planning Techniques and Tax Strategies

Individuals might begin thinking about their estate plan, regardless of how soon it is likely to be used. Advance planning will help minimize the amount of tax paid and ensure that all distributions of property and money occur according to the decedent’s personal wishes. Why do you need an estate plan? If the individual has… Read More »

Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) account

The tax laws have long encouraged Americans to save for college for their kids and to save for their retirement, but for families of those with disabilities, there was no tax-advantaged way for them to save for those individuals. The recently enacted Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 contains an important new provision which changes… Read More »

Top 10 ways to prepare for retirement

The financial security in retirement does not happen by itself. Planning and commitment are needed and, yes, money. One way to have more retirement money is to pay less in taxes and plan tax smart retirement strategies that not only manage investments, but the taxes associated with them    Data on American Retirement Planning Less than… Read More »

Taxation of Variable Annuities

The income tax treatment of annuities under § 72 is similar to the taxation of life insurance proceeds received by a beneficiary under a settlement option in that the installment payments in both cases contain return-of-capital and income components. In the case of an annuity contract, the amount paid to the insurer, whether as a… Read More »

What are Profit Sharing Plans?

A profit-sharing plan, by name, suggests that it’s a way for an employer to share the company profits with the employees that maybe helped build that company. However, a plan sponsor can make a contribution even if they did not have a profit that year. Any employer with one or more employees can offer a… Read More »

Information About Health Savings Account HSA

What is a Health Care Savings Account (HSA)? Heath Care Savings Accounts (HSAs) are ideal for Americans in certain situations. Health-care is front and center on the minds of many Americans. A Health Savings Account (HSA) is one tax-preferred vehicle that can be used to pay for healthcare expenses. Advantages of a a health savings… Read More »

Tax on Distributions from Traditional IRA Retirement Accounts

Distributions from traditional IRA retirement accounts is something that most taxpayers who used these accounts will encounter one day. There are several very important items to remember when taking distributions from traditional IRA accounts in order to avoid tax surprises.   Tax on Distributions from Traditional IRA Retirement Accounts Although advance planning is needed to… Read More »

Calculating Capital Gains and Deducting Capital Losses

Planning for capital gains and deducting capital losses is a way to increase your long-term investment return. However, to calculate capital gains and understand capital losses correctly, taxpayers must understand several different tax laws. Taxes are often overlooked, but are a vital component of long term investment returns.   Offsetting Capital Gains with Capital Loss… Read More »