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Best Reasons to E-File Taxes in 2016

Six Reasons to E-file your Taxes in 2016 Are you one of the few tax filers who still file a paper return? If so, now may be the best time to switch to e-file. Last year almost 129 million taxpayers filed their taxes electronically. They chose to e-file because it’s the fastest and safest way… Read More »

Electronic Postmark for Sending IRS Tax Return

A Transmitter may provide an electronic postmark to taxpayers that file Individual Income Tax Returns and Extensions of Time to File Individual Income Tax Returns, through an ERO or through Online Filing. The Transmitter creates the electronic postmark bearing the date and time (in the Transmitter’s time zone) that the return is received at the… Read More »

EFINs, ETINs and Password

Providers must protect their EFINs, ETINs and passwords from unauthorized use. Providers must never share the numbers and passwords with others including not transferring EFINs or ETINs to another entity when transferring the business by sale, gift or other disposition. If the IRS learns of a compromised EFIN or ETIN, we will change the number… Read More »

Free Tax Filing Software AGI Under 62k

The IRS’s Free File program allows those with adjusted gross incomes under $62k to use the Free File software for their federal taxes for no charge in a partnership with the Free File Alliance. Many states also partner with the FFA to offer free state tax returns to those that qualify, and some states offer free e-filing for… Read More »

IRS Starts Accepted 2015 Tax Returns on January 19, 2016

After the review of the legislation of tax extensions that were signed into law last week, service of internal taxes (IRS) today announced that national tax season will begin Tuesday, January 19, 2016, as it was planned. When does the IRS Start Accepting 2015 Tax Returns? The IRS will begin accepting individual electronic statements that… Read More »

Using Electronic Federal Tax Payment System EFTPS

How do you use Electronic Federal Tax Payment System EFTPS to pay taxes and estimated taxes? Now let’s talk about how to pay your Federal taxes.IRS direct pay is a new secure service to pay an individual tax bill or estimated tax payments directly from your checking or savings account at no cost to you. You’ll… Read More »

Picking a Tax Preparer for 2015

Although there is still time before the next 2015 tax season, choosing a tax preparer now allows more time for taxpayers to consider appropriate options for your tax preparation need. You can also find and speak with possible tax preparers and not during tax season when they are busiest. Lastly, this also allows taxpayers to… Read More »

Common 2015 Tax Errors to Avoid This Year

Before you file your return, review it and make sure it is complete and correct. The following checklist can help you avoid common mistakes:   Errors Filing Taxes Electronically Did you consider filing your taxes electronically? When filing your taxes electronically, you can avoid many common errors, which are corrected by the computer program. Depending on your income,… Read More »

IRS Free File for Filing 2015 Taxes With IRS

IRS Free File is a fast, secure and free file your federal tax basis. Free File do the hard work for you with a program of tax, whether branded or interactive online forms. Here are five tips you should know about Free File.   Information about IRS Free File Free for all options.   There is a free… Read More »