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What is IRS Injured Spouse Relief?

So, what happens is the IRS may apply one spouse’s share of the refund to the other spouse’s non-joint debt, and if this happens, then the non-debtor spouse may seek to recover that share of the refund that was offset; this is what’s called injured spouse relief. Typically, the injured spouse would complete Form 8379,… Read More »

Property Transfers Between Spouses

Are there are any special rules that apply to the taxation of property transfers between spouses? There are special tax rules that apply to such property transfers depending on whether the transfer is between two spouses that are currently married or whether a transfer occurs between two spouses or former spouses incident to a divorce… Read More »

Child Support and Alimony Payments in Divorce

Child support payments represent the parent’s obligation to assist in the support of his or her children. Thus, such payments are not deductible to the parent making the payment and do not result in gross income for the recipient. On the other hand, alimony payments are fully deductible to the spouse making such payments and… Read More »

Married Individuals Living Apart Treated as Unmarried

A married individual who isn’t legally separated but who files a separate return, maintains a household for his or her dependent child, furnishes more than half the cost of maintaining that household, and whose spouse isn’t a member of the household during the last six months of the tax year is treated as an unmarried… Read More »

Divorce for Tax Purposes

Is it legal to get a divorce for tax purposes? MFS drops them into the single tax brackets and limits the types of credits they can take. What his wife is seeing is that as two single people, he can claim Head of Household and the child, and itemize all the deductions to minimize his… Read More »

Divorce and Tax Debt

Requesting IRS Installment Agreement You can request an Installment Agreement (IA) for 2012 and 2013. Our term for your set of circumstances is called a Front-End Mirror Assessment: the Service will modify your account and your ex-spouse’s account so you both show the full balance due for both tax years (mirrored). Payments you make and credits… Read More »

Report a Name Change before Filing Taxes

People will change their names for many reasons. It is absolutely essential that you tell the Social Security Administration (SSA) before filing your tax return with the IRS. Did you change your name last year? Did your dependent have a name change? If the answer to either question is yes, be sure to notify the Social Security… Read More »