Calling IRS Call Center Information

By | December 20, 2014

An IRS telephone Contact Representative is required to verify your identity with a minimum of four questions:

  • Social Security Number (or ITIN): This is the IRS equivalent of your account number.
  • Name, as it appears on the tax return in question. If you are calling about a Married Filing Joint return, you must provide the names of both Taxpayers.
  • Date of Birth: Our DoB records are provided by the Social Security Administration, and they occasionally mess it up. It’s usually because someone fat-fingered the information when keying it in from the birth certificate.
  • Address: we usually want to hear your current address. If that’s not a match, we generally ask for the address on your last return. Please. Stop. Moving.

There are certain conditions which require us to ask additional authentication questions. Certain ID Theft inquiries, any time a taxpayer requests to receive transcript information by fax, or if a caller provides an incorrect answer to address or DoB. This could possible happen when calling an IRS call center.


These questions can be anything verifiable on a return or on a Taxpayer’s account:

  • Filing Status on your last return: Single, Married Filing Joint, Married Filing Separate, Head of Household, Qualifying Widow(er) with Dependent.
  • Employers from Forms W-2
  • Financial Institutions from Forms 1099-INT (interest paid to the Taxpayer)
  • Method of filing: mailed, or electronically filed.
  • Presence or absence of a paid return preparer.
  • Type of form filed: 1040, 1040A,or 1040EZ

If a Contact Representative is not confident they are speaking with the Taxpayer, they can refer the caller to a local Taxpayer Assistance Center for face-to-face assistance.