2009 EIC Table

By | January 15, 2010

Here is 2009 Publication 596 – Earned Income Credit. The 2009 EIC Table begins on page 46 of the document.


2009 Publication 596 – Earned Income Credit

You can read it online here or optionally download it to your computer at the bottom of the page. Be sure to read through some of the new Earned Income Credit changes before going straight to the 2009 EIC chart. This is the EIC chart for the filing of your 2009 taxes.

Looking for the 2010 EIC Chart?


New Rules for 2009 Tax Year

New for tax year 2009, are the additional EITC and income thresholds for a third qualifying child and changes to the uniform definition of a child. For tax years 2009 and 2010, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act created a new category three or more children, which will provide larger credits to larger families.

The change in the uniform definition of a child adds two new rules to the definition of a “qualifying child.” The child must:


  • Be younger than the person claiming the child, unless the child is permanently and totally disabled.
  • Not have filed a joint return other than to claim a refund.


Also new for 2009, if a qualifying child can be claimed by both a parent and another person, the other person must have an AGI higher than the parent in order to claim the child for EITC purposes.




2 thoughts on “2009 EIC Table

  1. pmoore

    i earned 35,000 and had 3550 withheld in taxes i have 4 dependents single head of household do i qualify for any tax return?

  2. Ron

    Provided you qualify for Head of Household, the dependents are minors and you have the legal right to claim them (not claimed by ex-spouse, someone paying child support or similar situation) you should qualify for EIC (Earned Income Credit). Claiming EIC, if eligible would give you a nice refund and even without EIC, it looks like you would still get a tax refund, just not as big of one.

    Since I don’t have all your details, you can go get a free tax estimate to find out more.

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