Using a PIN to File Tax Return Electronically

By | April 23, 2014

If you file your tax returns electronically using software to file online, you must sign the tax return using the method of self-signed personal identification number ( PIN).This method allows taxpayers to electronically sign your tax on personal income by selecting a PIN five digits.


Using PIN to file Tax

The PIN consists of five digits (excluding all zeros) you choose to enter as your electronic signature. Each taxpayer who files a joint return need a PIN and each can select any combination of five digits. As part of the identity verification process, each taxpayer enters his birth date and the adjusted gross income ( AGI , for its acronym in English), as entered on the original return for the preceding year, or PIN last year .

If you can not access information from your tax return for tax year 2012 for purposes of verification of electronic signatures, the IRS will issue a PIN for electronic filing temporarily  to taxpayers who qualify . If you need an EFP, you can access the application on the IRS website.


E-File your Tax Return

Generally, you can electronically file your tax return even if you are required to submit certain paper forms or certain corroborating documents. Use  Form 8453, Report of Individual Income Tax in the United States by Means of E-filing IRS e-file, to transmit paper forms or corroborating documents required.

Taxpayers appearing as the main respondent who are under 16 years of age who have never presented and secondary taxpayers under age 16 who did not show for 2012 can not use the method of self-signing PIN to sign. Affected taxpayers can still file electronically using the method of PIN professional preparer.

Using a PIN to File Tax Return Electronically

The IRS advised taxpayers to retain a copy of your return for your records, so that this helps with the electronic signature of the declaration submitted electronically next year. If you need a copy of your tax transcript, you are also able to do this from the IRS website.