Understanding your form 1095-C, range and coverage of health insurance provided by employer

By | November 10, 2015
Employers with 50 or more full-time employees during the year, including full-time equivalent employees, used the form 1095 C, supply and health insurance coverage provided by the employer to report the required information about offers medical coverage and enrollment in their employee health coverage. 1095-C form is used to report information about each employee.

Employers Sending Form 1095-C

Employers that offer self-insured coverage sponsored by the employer also used the form 1095 C to report to the IRS and employees information on individuals who have minimum essential coverage through the employer and therefore not subject to the payment of the shared responsibility of the individual for the months that are covered under the plan. An employer must provide form 1095 C to each of their employees full-time for 31 January the following year which relates form 1095-C.
Employers shall comply with this requirement of supplying form 1095-C to the employee if the form is properly addressed to the recipient and it is mailed before the deadline. If the deadline falls a Saturday, Sunday or day holiday, employers may occur the next business day. 1095-C form that employers send only can include the last four digits of the employee social security number, and replace the first five digits with asterisks or Xs

Submitting Form 1095-C

1095-C form must be sent by mail or delivered personally, unless the employee is to receive the declaration electronically. If mailed, the Declaration must be sent to the last known permanent address of the employee, and if not known one, to the temporary address of the employee.
Individuals who worked for several employers that have the requirement to file form 1095 C may receive a form part of each employer 1095-C