Two Out of Three Individuals Now Using e-File

By | November 2, 2009

Individuals e-filed a record 95 million federal income tax returns during 2009, up almost 6 percent from last year’s total of nearly 90 million. About two out of three taxpayers used e-file this year; out of the 141 million returns filed so far this year, over 67 percent were e-filed, compared to 59 percent last year.


Two Out of Three Individuals Now Using e-File

Each year, more taxpayers chose to e-file their tax returns. While the total number of tax returns has increased 10 percent during the past decade, the number filed electronically has increased by 168 percent. Taxpayers who e-file from a home computer continue to be an increasingly significant segment of those who e-file.


Year Filed Total Returns e-Filed Returns Percent e-filed
2000 128,430,000 35,412,000 27.57%
2001 130,965,000 40,244,000 30.73%
2002 131,728,000 46,892,000 35.60%
2003 131,557,000 52,944,000 40.24%
2004 132,200,000 61,507,000 46.53%
2005 133,933,000 68,476,000 51.13%
2006 136,071,000 73,255,000 53.84%
2007 140,188,000 79,979,000 57.05%
2008 153,650,000 89,853,000 58.48%
2009 141,376,000 94,980,000 67.18%

Home Computer e-Filers


This year, for the first time, more than a third of e-filers are filing their returns themselves from a home computer. More than 32 million returns were e-filed from home computers, up almost 20 percent from last year’s record of 27 million. People filing from their home computers account for about 34 percent of all e-filed returns from individuals.


Direct Deposit Refunds

Almost 73 million refunds were electronically deposited into taxpayer’s accounts, saving the government mailing costs and saving taxpayers a trip to the bank. More importantly, these taxpayers received their refunds at least a week sooner than those receiving a paper check.

These direct deposit refunds accounted for 66 percent of all refunds, up from 62 percent of refunds last year. Overall, the IRS issued 110 million refunds, averaging $2,753 per refund; direct deposit refunds averaged $2,997 per refund.


IRS Free File

More than 3 million taxpayers filed their tax returns for free through the IRS Free File program.

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