South Carolina Income Tax Forms and South Carolina Income Tax Rates

South Carolina Income Tax E-File Information

Tax sites must retain SC8453 and all supporting documents on file for three years. Do not mail documents to the state unless specifically requested.


Who must file South Carolina Income tax?

Resident taxpayers under age 65 who are required to file a federal income tax return which included income taxable by South Carolina or had S.C. income tax withheld from their wages. Resident taxpayers age 65 or older – married filing jointly (both 65 or older) and their gross income is greater than the federal gross income filing requirement amount plus $30,000; any other filing status – gross income filing requirement amount plus $15,000. Part year or nonresidents must file a South Carolina return if they have South Carolina-source income greater than the personal exemption amounts of $3,900 single according to Internal Revenue Code, Section 151(d).


Who is a South Carolina Tax Resident?

Follows general residency rules. South Carolina Resident: If you enter the armed forces when you are a South Carolina resident, you do not lose your South Carolina residency status, even if you are absent from this state on military orders. You are subject to the same residency requirements as any other South Carolina resident and are required to file a South Carolina income tax return.

Nonresident: If you are not a South Carolina resident but are stationed in this state by military orders, your military income is not subject to South Carolina tax. However, if you have other earned income subject to South Carolina tax, file SC1040 with Schedule NR. South Carolina DOES tax other income earned in this state by you or your spouse.


What are South Carolina Income Tax Forms?

Full year residents file SC1040. Part year residents and nonresidents file Schedule NR in addition to SC1040.


What are South Carolina income tax deductions, income exclusions, and income tax exemptions?

SC1040 automatically takes federal deduction amounts; must add-in amounts deducted for state tax and other items if deductions are itemized.

The following items may be deducted from your federal taxable income for South Carolina purposes:

1. Income from an out-of-state business if included on your federal return

2. Interest income from U.S. obligations

3. A deduction of up to $10,000 for income derived from qualified pension plans, depending upon the taxpayers age

4. Income received for weekend drills and customary training periods when serving in the military reserves or National Guard (pay for tours of active military duty is not deductible)

5. Disability retirement income received due to permanent and total disability

6. Taxable Social Security benefits included in total income on the federal return

7. 44% of net capital gains with a one year holding period

8. State tax refund, if included in income on your federal return

9. A deduction of up to $15,000 for resident taxpayers age 65 and over

10. A deduction for each dependent claimed on your federal return who has not reached the age of six on December 31 of the tax year (the deduction is 100% of the federal personal exemptions.


Other South Carolina Tax Deductions

May exclude social security income. Retirement income paid by the United States government for service in the Reserves or National Guard is not taxed for South Carolina purposes.

SC1040 automatically takes federal exemption amounts. SC allows an additional personal exemption for each dependent who is under the age of six.

Taxpayers under age 65 who are receiving military retired pay may deduct up to $3,000 of this pay, or any other qualified retirement income, from their income; taxpayers over age 65 may deduct up to $10,000 of such pay. (A resident aged 65 or older may deduct $15,000 of income from any source, but the $15,000 has to be reduced by the amount claimed as a retirement deduction.) Retirement income paid by the United States government for service in the Reserves or National Guard is not taxed for South Carolina purposes. (You may deduct the entire amount of any stipend paid by the State of South Carolina for National Guard service). See instructions: SC1040 Instructions.

The South Carolina Credit for Child and Dependent Care  – A part year/nonresident is allowed 7% of their prorated federal expenses. See examples below. Married filing separately cannot claim this credit. The maximum credit allowed for one child is $210. The maximum credit for two or more children is $420.


How does South Carolina Tax Capital Gains?

Taxed as ordinary income, but with a deduction of 44% of net long term capital gain, determined under federal law.


What is the South Carolina Tax Deadline?

April 18, 2016. However, as an incentive to file electronically, taxpayers using any Electronic Filing option have until May 1, 2016 to pay the balance due without penalty or interest. South Carolina has extended the time for filing and paying South Carolina individual income taxes of affected military personnel and their spouses for the same time periods and for the same areas as provided by the Internal Revenue Service in IRS Publication 3. This extension is automatic and military personnel do not need to file an extension form, Form SC 4868, “Request for Extension of Time to File South Carolina Individual Income Tax Return,” to receive this extension. The federal extensions of time are at least 180 days after the last day the individual is in the combat zone or qualifying area.


South Carolina Tax Contact Info

South Carolina Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 125
Columbia, SC 29214

 General Information:           (803) 898-5000 Press 2

Web site:                               Department of Revenue

Forms:                                  FormsRefund Status:                      (803) 898-5300

Electronic Filing:                  (803) 898-1855  

Forms Request:                      (803) 898-5320

Taxpayer Advocate:                (803) 898-5444



South Carolina State Tax Contacts

State filing addresses:                                   
Payment enclosed:                                         Refund expected or no payment:
Taxable Processing Center SC1040 Processing Center
PO Box 101105 PO Box 101100
Columbia, SC 29211-0105 Columbia, SC 29211-0100