Oklahoma Income Tax Forms and Oklahoma Income Tax Rate Info

By | December 23, 2015

Oklahoma Income Tax E-File Information

No retention requirement to store Form OK-511-EF. However, there is an Armed Forces Tax Council (all military branches) and OJAG, Code 16 (Navy) requirement to retain this form and necessary documents at military VITA centers until December 31st of the year the return was filed. Mail paper copies of rejected returns to: Oklahoma Tax Commission, Electronic Filing, P.O. Box 26890, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0890. OK 511NR cannot be electronically filed.


Who must file Oklahoma Income Tax?

Residents who are required to file Federal returns must also file an OK return. There is a sliding scale of income levels for all filing statuses. Part year and nonresidents must file if they have $1,000

Follows general residency rules. Allows spouse of military member to retain original residency


What are Oklahoma income tax forms?

Residents file Form 511/ 2-D. Part year and nonresidents file 511NR/2


What are Oklahoma income tax deductions, income exclusions, and income tax exemptions?

Social security income may be excluded. Must follow federal election; standard deduction is $6,200 (single or MFS), $12,400 (MFJ or Qualifying Widower) and $9,100 (HoH). Calculated on form 511 or 511NR.

Personal exemptions are $1,000 each; see web site for over 65 exemptions. New Sales Tax Exemption Cards have been issued to 100% disabled veterans. See Notice ST 107 and FAQ “Disabled Veterans” for more information. Taxpayers may exclude the greater of 75% of military retirement or $10,000. Form 511 Schedule A-Line 4 or Form 511NR, Schedule 511NR-B.

How does Oklahoma tax capital gains?

Taxed as ordinary income.


Oklahoma Sales Tax Refund

Sales tax refund for full-year residents stationed in OK with incomes less than $20,000 for most, or $50,000 or less for those with a dependent, over 65, or have a physical disability (538-S). Can use credit card, or (direct debit if electronically filed) to pay.

Beginning with tax year 2003, can remit use tax with income tax return.


When are Oklahoma income taxes due?

April 18, 2016.

If there is no additional state income tax due and you intend to file within the period granted by the IRS, the Oklahoma Tax Commission will honor the Federal extension. Enclose a copy of the Federal extension with your filed Oklahoma return. An Oklahoma extension form 504 is required when requesting an extension beyond that granted by the IRS, or if you need to make a payment to cover your anticipated tax liability. An extension is valid only if 90 percent of the tax due is paid on or before the original due date of the return. An Oklahoma extension is not an extension of time to pay the tax, it is only an extension of time to file the return.


Oklahoma income tax contact info

Taxpayer Assistance Division Connors Bldg., Capitol Complex 2501 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73194

General Information: (405) 521-3160
Web site: Tax Commission
Forms: (405) 521-3160       Forms
Electronic Filing: (405) 521-3160
Tax professionals: (405) 521-6827     taxprofessionals@tax.ok.gov



Oklahoma State Income Tax filing address:

All returns:

Oklahoma Tax Commission

Post Office Box 26800 Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0800