New York Income Tax Forms and New York Income Tax Rate Information

By | December 23, 2015

New York Income Tax E-File Information

Taxpayers who e-file their New York State personal income tax returns may now sign their returns using a self-selected PIN (personal identification number) that eliminates the need to file Form IT-201-E, Declaration for E-filing of Income Tax Return, and any accompanying wage and tax statements. Taxpayers may select the same PIN that they use to sign their federal return, or they may select a different PIN for New York State. If they are married filing a joint return, both spouses will each need a PIN to enter as their electronic signature.

No retention requirement to store Form TR-579-IT. However, there is an Armed Forces Tax Council (all military branches) and OJAG, Code 16 (Navy) requirement to retain this form and necessary documents at military VITA centers until December 31st of the year the return was filed.


Who must file New York income tax?

If you’re a New York State resident, you must file Form IT-201 if you have to file a federal return, or if you didn’t file a federal return but your federal AGI plus NY income for 2014 was more than $4,000 ($3,000 if you are single and can be claimed as a dependent under another taxpayer), or if you want to claim a NY refund or credit or if you are subject to the New York State minimum income tax. Please see 2014 Instructions for Form IT-220 Minimum Income Tax at: IT-220 (Note: The most current form on the NY State Tax Department’s Website is from 2013. Please check for updates during the tax season).


Who is a New York Tax Resident?

Follows general residency rules, except for a special nonresident status for individuals who: did not maintain any permanent place of abode in NY during the year; DID maintain a permanent place of abode outside NY during the entire taxable year and spent 30 days or less in NY during the taxable year.


What are New York income tax deductions, income exclusions, and income tax exemptions?

If taxpayer took standard deduction on federal return, must take standard NY deduction. NY standard deductions are: single, but can be claimed as a dependent, $3,050; single, $7,700; married filing jointly,$15,400; married filing separately, $7,700; head of household, $10,800.


New York Income Tax Personal Exemption

No personal exemptions for taxpayer or spouse; for dependents, exemptions are $1,000 each.

May subtract military retired pay from gross income (use Line 25, Form IT-201). Pension payments received by retired military personnel or their beneficiaries are totally exempt from New York State, New York City, and Yonkers income taxes.


What are New York capital gains tax?

Taxed as ordinary income; follows federal rules.


What is the New York tax filing deadline?

April 18, 2016.


New York Income Tax Contact

New York State Tax Department
Taxpayer Assistance Bureau
W.A. Harriman Campus
Albany, NY 12227

General Information:  (518) 457-5181

Forms: (518) 457-5431; or Forms
Web site: New York State Tax Department
Refund Status: (518) 457-5181 E-File
Refund Status: (518) 457-5149
Electronic Filing: (800) 353-1096


New York Income Tax State filing addresses: 

Payment enclosed:          Refund expected or no payment:
State Processing Center State Processing Center
P.O. Box 15555 P.O. Box 61000
Albany, NY 12212-5555 Albany, NY 12261-0001