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By | December 28, 2013

This is an article in a series about tax preparation software for 2013. does not sponsor or prefer any of the tax preparation sites reviewed in these article. Free Online Tax Preparation

Taxpayers can file their 2013 Federal and State Taxes Online for free if their income is less than $58,000 using If a taxpayer has a total combined income (Adjusted Gross Income or AGI) of under $58,000 and have a valid email address, they qualify for free tax filing using the online platform and e-file software.
MyFreeTaxes is a partnership between United Way Worldwide, Goodwill Industries, and the National Disability Institute to provide FREE federal and state tax filing for Americans with under a certain AGI. The partnership is sponsored by the Walmart Foundation and uses the H&R Block At-Home Software as the backbone of their e-filing has helped more than 6 million taxpayers receive billions of dollars in tax refunds since the project began in 2009.There are several ways to file for free using this website:

Filing Taxes Online at Home

1. Online At-Home: This is probably the most fast, easy, and secure way to file taxes at the convenience of your home computer. MyFreeTaxes has a customer service team to help you with tax questions you might have while preparing your 2013 income taxes and will help you answer these questions to make sure taxes are being properly filed.. Their support team could be contacted through phone, email, or chat. Contact information can be found on the “Contact Us” tab on the main website.2. In-Person Tax Filing: MyFreeTaxes has also partnered with more than 100 nonprofit & community organizations. These organizations will help to provide free, local tax assistance for taxpayers who quality for the services. This is different than the IRS sponsored VITA  tax preparation services that are provided to low income tax-payers by the IRS. Free tax assistance sites can be found using the tool on the homepage, which will direct you to the IRS search tool.
In filing your 2013 income taxes, please keep in mind the following dates:


1/08/14 – This is when the software for H&R Block Software in, where taxpayers may submit their returns, will be turned on and taxpayers can enter their tax information. The IRS will start processing the returns when filing season start which is several weeks later.

1/23/14 – MyFreeTaxes customer support hotline starts.
1/31/14 – The official IRS filing season starts! Taxpayers are encouraged to e-file for the fastest way to receive refunds. Submitting your tax return early will also ensure that taxpayers who are eligible for a refund or EITC will receive it the quickest. More information on filing season could be found on the IRS Website.The most important thing for taxpayers is that they can start preparing their 2013 income tax return today for free. You can start preparing your taxes today, save your progress, and finish it after you receive your tax documents. This is important because many employers do not send W-2 forms until later in the tax filing season. It is useful to get a head start in order to make sure you have all your information submitted in time in order to avoid penalties and fines.