IRS Publication 596 Earned Income Tax Credit EITC

By | February 19, 2014

The IRS has an Official Publication 596 to describe the EITC in 2015and how to take advantage of it. Certain people who file Form 1040 must use Worksheet 1 in this publication, instead of Step 2 in their Form 1040 instructions, when they are checking whether they can take the EIC.


IRS Publication 596 Earned Income Tax Credit EITC

You are one of those people if any of the following statements are true for 2013. It reduces the amount of tax you owe. The EIC may also give you a refund. Publication 596 is the primary reference for EITC. Have a look at the rules in Chapters 1 and 2 for the most information about the 2015 earned income credit.  Eligibility covers the Rules for everyone on pages 4 – 7, and Rules if you have a qualifying child on pages 8-14.


EITC Information Publications for Taxpayers

  • Pub 3211, EITC Q&A Brochure – this 3.75 by 9 inch, eight, page brochure is used as an educational tool and handout at IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers, seminars, workshops, businesses, libraries and other public places to promote awareness of EITC eligibility. It easily fits into a business size envelope.
  • Pub 4933, Tax Preparers Guide to Everything Earned Income Tax Credit Online – Use this electronic publication, to easily find the technical information you need to accurately determine if your clients qualify for EITC and meet your due diligence requirements. We have links to all IRS’s online tools, information, and guidance for Earned Income Tax Credit or EITC.
  • Pub 4935, Guide to Everything Earned Income Tax Credit for Individuals Online – is an electronic guide for finding EITC information on line. IRS partners, employers, and government offices and agencies can post this publication on their own web site to help clients find the information they need to determine if they are eligible for EITC and to file accurate EITC claims. This on-line publication describes a topic briefly and then provides a link to to find more information.
  • Pub 4687, EITC Due Diligence, Pub 4687 SP – This 3.67 by 8.5 inch, 6 page brochure informs paid tax return preparers who file returns with claims for EITC of the EITC due diligence requirements. It also provides information on avoiding common mistakes and locating resources to assist in meeting the requirements.
  • Pub 4716 EN/SP, Be Prepared to Get the EITC You Earned, (English on one side; Spanish on the other) – This 3.75 by 9 inch, four page brochure publication informs taxpayers what information and documentation to bring when having their tax return prepared. The publication also informs taxpayers of the importance of providing accurate information to save time and reduce the chance of mistakes. The publication does not have dated text or monetary values.
  • Pub 4717 EN/SP, Help your Tax Preparer Get you the Earned Income Tax Credit You Earned -this 3.75 by 9 inch, four page brochure informs taxpayers why their preparer asks the questions they do. It informs them of the preparer’s due diligence requirements, the importance of providing accurate information and the consequences of not providing the correct information.
  • Pub 4808Pub 4808 SP Disability and EITC – This 3.67 by 8.5 inch, multi-page brochure explains and gives examples of when persons with disabilities or persons who are caretakers of persons with disabilities are eligible for EITC. This publication promotes awareness of this important financial boost to individuals and families. We developed this publication based on suggestions from preparers, social benefits organizations and other organizations both internal and external. This publication is also available in Braille* (Catalog #57234G) and Large Print* (Catalog #57473H).

These are all IRS documents on the EITC. It is necessary to check the right publication 596 for 2014 or 2015 depending on the correct tax year.


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