Identity Thieves Using Tax Rebate

By | January 28, 2008

If you recieve a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS and asking for your Social Security number and bank information so they can mail your Tax Rebate… HANG UP! 

The tax rebates will be mailed out and will not have a direct deposit option.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued the warning today that scam artists were contacting consumers.

“They’re calling people on the phone and asking for their personal information, and the people are thinking they’re going to get some money quicker than they normally would,” Special Agent Jeff Lanza, spokesman with the FBI Bureau in Kansas City, told WDAF-TV.


Identity Thieves Using Tax Rebate

Lanza said four Kansas City consumers have received these calls – and his office is worried some unsuspecting taxpayers might fall for this scam.

“It’s got credibility because it’s been in the news,” Lanza told reporters. “Everyone is talking about the rebate. They’ll probably get more people to respond because of that.”

Lanza, however, said the IRS would never ask consumers for such personal information over the phone or through e-mail. Neither would any other governmental agency.

The agency’s work on identity theft and refund fraud continues to grow, touching nearly every part of the organization. For the 2014 filing season, the IRS has expanded these efforts to better protect taxpayers and help victims.

The IRS has a special section on dedicated to identity theft issues, including YouTube videos, tips for taxpayers and an assistance guide. For victims, the information includes how to contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit. For other taxpayers, there are tips on how taxpayers can protect themselves against identity theft.

Taxpayers who believe they are at risk of identity theft due to lost or stolen personal information should contact the IRS immediately so the agency can take action to secure their tax account. Taxpayers can call the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 800-908-4490. More information can be found on the special identity protection page.