Health Insurance Marketplace Information

By | April 13, 2014

If you do not have health care coverage, or if you have but want to find out about other options, the Health Insurance Market can help. Although nobody is forced to use the health insurance market, something that perhaps you may favor. The Market is the place where you can find health coverage options according to your needs and budget.


Health Insurance Marketplace Information

The Department of Health and Human Services administers the requirements for market and health insurance plans offered.

The open period for coverage for 2014 through tuition Market began on October 1 and ends on March 31, 2014. Initiation of coverage depends on when you register.


ObamaCare Health Insurance Marketplace

When you visit the market, you can fill out an application to determine if you qualify for reduced costs based on your income, compare your coverage options, and register if you want to.

If you obtain coverage through the market, you could qualify for premium tax credit. This tax credit can help people with moderate to purchase insurance through the more affordable market revenue.This refundable tax credit to help moderate-income people to obtain health insurance coverage through the market. 

If you are eligible for the credit, you can choose “Get It Now” to receive all or part of the estimated credit in payment. These payments go directly to your insurance company to reduce the amount you pay out of pocket for your monthly premiums during 2014. Could also choose “Get It Later” and expect to receive the full credit, when you file your tax return 2014 in 2015.