Guide to IRS Information on Website

By | February 7, 2015

No matter when you need help or tax information, your best option is to visit They have lots of information regarding taxes and their new site design makes the information easier to find and makes doing your taxes easier. Below is a list of some information that is available on the IRS website 


Guide to IRS Information on Website

  • Use IRS Free File. If you need to file your tax return, you can send it electronically for free through e-file using the IRS eFile tool. If you earned $ 60,000 or less can prepare and e-file your taxes using a tax software brand. If you earn more, you can use Free File Fillable Forms. This option is the electronic version of IRS paper forms.
  • Get answers to your tax questions. The Interactive Tax Assistant covers many common tax issues. Type your question or search terms and this will guide you step by step to the answer. The IRS Tax Map gives a list of items to select tax laws. Tax issues, forms, instructions and publications are integrated into a search tool.


Get Tax Information on New Health Care Laws

  • Get tax information on health care . has information about the Health Care Act Affordable. You can visit this site for more information about the Health Care Act Affordable affects your taxes. For example, the pages provide information on: . • Reporting of health insurance coverage • Claiming exemption from coverage. • Make a single payment of shared responsibility. • Claiming the tax credit premium. • Reconciliation anticipated tax credit premium payments. You can also use the tool Interactive Tax Assistant for help on how some of these laws apply to your situation.
  • Check a charity. You should donate to a qualified charitable organization if you want to deduct the donation on your tax return. Use the tool IRS Select Check to see if a charity is qualified.
  • Check the status of your refund. The too lWhere’s My Refund is the quick and easy way to check the status of your tax refund . IRS2Go Use the mobile application to access the tool, or click the “Refunds” (Refunds) on Tab .
  • Try IRS Direct Pay. If you owe taxes, pay by Direct Pay IRS. It is a safe, free and easy way to pay from your checking or savings account. Visit to pay your federal tax bill.
  • Apply for a payment plan with the IRS. If you can not pay all your taxes on time, request an IRS payment agreement for your tax deb.  Time payment plan is a great way to pay. It has a low installation fee will not miss a payment and you will receive a reminder IRS to send a check every month.
  • Get forms and publications. View, download and print federal tax forms and publications at any time.
  • Figure your withholding. If you get a larger refund or owe more taxes than you expected when you file your tax return, you may need to change your withholding. You can complete and give your employer a new Form W-4, “Employee Withholding Certificate”. Use the tool Withholding Calculator IRS to help you complete a new form.
  • Get a transcript of taxes. If you apply for a loan or student financial aid, you may need a transcript of taxes.