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By | December 21, 2015

Georgia Income Tax E-File Information

Georgia accepts electronic filing of Forms 500 and 500EZ from all taxpayers regardless of their filing or residency status, including refund and balance due returns. Georgia Individual Income tax returns may be submitted using approved electronic filing software. Tax site must retain GA 8453 and all supporting documents on file for three years.


Who must file a Georgia income tax return?

For full year residents, who are under the age of 65 and not blind, if GA income is over $10,400 for Married Filing Jointly, $5,200 for Married Filing Separately, or $5,000 for all others. Part year and nonresidents must file GA return if they were required to file a Federal return. If over 65 or blind, please see instructions at


What are the State of Georgia income tax forms?

All filers use Form 500 or 500EZ


What are Georgia Income tax exclusions, exemptions and Georgia income tax deductions?

The following are excluded from income:

 Social Security and retirement paid by the Railroad Retirement Board.

 Interest and dividends on U.S. Government bonds and other U.S. obligations.

 See IT511 for additional exclusions.


Updates and additional details available at:

Developments include:

-a credit for the purchase of an alternative fuel heavy-duty vehicle and an alternative fuel medium-duty vehicle;

-changes to the Qualified Education Expense Credit; and

-changes to the qualified investor tax credit.


What are Georgia Income Tax Deductions?

Must follow federal election. Standard Deduction is $3,000 for married filing jointly, $1,500 for married filing separately, and $2,300 for all others.Taxpayers 62-64 years of age may exclude up to $35,000.00 of retirement income. Taxpayers over age 65 may exclude $65,000.00.


What is the deadline for Georgia income taxes?

Calendar year taxpayers are required to file by April 18, 2016.

Will accept any federal extension granted for state filings. If not filing for a Federal extension, use Georgia Form IT 303 to request an extension.


Georgia Income Tax Contact Information

Georgia Department of Revenue
1800 Century Blvd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30345


General Information: 1-877-423-6711  

Forms: 1-877-423-6711

Web site: Department of Revenue

Refund: Refund Status



E-file help desk: 1-877-423-6711, or at Efile Help