Free Tax Help for Military Personnel

By | March 22, 2015

The IRS provides free assistance to members of the armed forces and their families. VITA has sites help inside and outside military bases to help service members prepare their taxes. This includes VITA sites to help our military abroad. Here are five tips on free tax help for military personnel and more information on how military personnel can contact VITA for help with their taxes.


Tax Help for Military Personnel


Armed Forces Tax Council 

The Armed Forces Tax Council oversees the operation of the military tax programs worldwide, conducting outreach with the IRS to military personnel and their families. The AFTC consists of tax program coordinators for the Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, Navy and Coast Guard.

Trained volunteers

The volunteers trained by the IRS VITA sites serve in military bases. They receive training in military taxation, such as tax benefits combat zone .Volunteers can help with special extensions for filing the tax return and pay the tax or special rules that apply to the earned income tax credit. They can also help with the new provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

What to Bring to Military VITA

Bring the following documents to your military VITA site for you to prepare your tax return:

  • Valid photo ID
  • Cards SSN yourself, your spouse and dependents
  • Dates of birth of you, your spouse and dependents
  • Forms wages and income statements such as W-2s, W-2G and 1099-R
  • Declarations of interest and dividends (1099)
  • Declaration Market Health Insurance (Forms 1095-A)
  • Number of Certificate of Exemption for each exemption has been obtained by Market
  • A copy of last year’s federal return if any
  • Routing and account numbers for direct deposit of your refund
  • The total paid to the nursery and the identification number of the caregiver. Usually, this is the employer number or Social Security number
  • Other relevant information about income and expenses

Although no guidelines or regulations required to submit proof of health insurance coverage when you file your tax return, if you have documents that verify your coverage, you should show them to the coach. The IRS will proceed with its normal strategy of enforcement to receive statements and you may ask to support the information on your tax return. You should keep your documents with your tax records. Learn more about the documents that must care for and maintain in our Gather Your Documentation Medical Coverage.

4. Joint Declarations.   If you are married and filing jointly, generally, both spouses must be present to sign. If both can not be present, generally must bring a legal power. Use Form 2848 , Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative. There is a special exception to this rule if your spouse is in a combat zone. The exception allows this tax with a document signed by explaining that your spouse is in a combat zone and can not sign.

5. IRS Free File.   Prepare and file your own taxes with the IRS Free File. You can use free software brand or interactive online forms. If your income was $ 60,000 or less, you qualify for Free File software. If you earned more than $ 60,000, you can use the forms to fill for Free File. Learn more at .

See Publication 3 , Tax Guide for the Armed Forces for more information on this topic.


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