Download Tax Transcript from IRS Website Online

By | March 10, 2014

It is possible to download a copy of your IRS transcript directly from the IRS to see how you filed taxes in previous years.  You can find your IRS tax transcript by going to:


When do you need IRS Tax Transcript?

What are some potential uses for this?  As a simple individual tax filer what are some ways getting a tax transcript could help me?

This will be important for people needing the tax return transcripts for verification for Financial Aid through their schools or the government. Get a record of your past tax returns, also referred to as transcripts. IRS transcripts are often used to validate income and tax filing status for mortgage applications, student and small business loan applications, and during tax preparation.


Download IRS Tax Transcript Online

Right now, if you couldn’t get them transferred into your FAFSA (and that takes a couple days to get sent back to Fin. Aid), you had to order it through the website…which took 5 to 10 business days (and sometimes more) or call and wait on hold for up to three hours to have someone at the IRS fax them to you.

Sometimes 5 to 10 business days doesn’t work because students need there books, and the only way to get a book voucher if you needed tax return transcripts…where to wait on it to come in the mail.

Everyone should have kept their own copies of their tax returns, so unless something happened to your own copies, you shouldn’t need to go to the IRS to get a copy of your own returns. But in reality, I bet a lot of people probably don’t keep a copy at all. A good idea to keep all tax records for at least six years.


IRS Tax Links for getting tax transcript: