Connecticut Income Tax E-File Information and CT Income Tax Forms

By | December 21, 2015

Connecticut Income Tax E-File Information

Taxpayers may file electronically via the Taxpayer Service Center (TSC): TSC
The taxpayer is no longer required to mail any documentation to DRS but must retain required documentation for at least three years to be furnished to DRS only upon request.


Who must file Connecticut Income Taxes?

Residents of Connecticut must file if they had Connecticut taxes withheld, made estimated tax payments, or meet the following gross income test: $14,500 if filing single; $12,000 if filing MFS; $19,000 if filing HoH; and $24,000 if filing MFJ or a qualifying widower with a dependent child.


CT Use Tax

Starting in 2009, use tax (6.35%) is due when taxable purchases are made but Connecticut sales tax is not paid. Any individual or business purchasing taxable goods or services for use in Connecticut without paying Connecticut sales tax must pay use tax. The Use Tax is still in effect in CT for 2014. The Use Tax must be paid by April 15, 2015. For specific information regarding USE Tax, see page 5 of the CT-1040 Instruction Book at: 1040 Booklet.


What are Connecticut Income Tax Forms?

Full Year residents: CT 1040. Part-Year or Nonresidents: CT 1040NR/PY.

Connecticut Income Tax Deductions and Income Exclusions

Sliding scale for social security income. See AN 2012(4) for further information. No standard, dependent, or itemized deductions. No personal exemption.


What is the Connecticut Income Tax deadline?

April 18, 2016. You may request an extension using CT-1040EXT if you owe CT income tax; however, you must pay 100% of the tax due on or before the deadline. If the extension request is filed without payment by April 15, 2014, the extension will denied. You do NOT have to file CT-1040EXT if you filed a Federal extension request AND you do not owe CT income tax; or if you pay your owed CT income tax by credit card on or before April 15, 2015.


Connecticut Income Tax Contact Information

Department of Revenue Services
Taxpayer Services Division
25 Sigourney Street, Suite 2 Hartford, CT 06106-5032


General Information:  (860) 297-5962 or 1-800-382-9463

Forms:    Income Tax Forms

Web site:   DRS    Website

E-file help desk:  (860) 297-4713


State filing addresses:

Payment enclosed:                          No Payment:
  Department of Revenue Services

Department of Revenue Services

State of Connecticut State of Connecticut
PO BOX 2977 PO BOX 2976
Hartford CT 06104-2977 Hartford CT 06104-2976