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Form 1023-EZ Process Allows Unqualified Entities to Obtain Tax-Exempt Status

The IRS Form 1023-EZ based streamlined process for seeking 501(c)(3) status is designed exclusively for certain, small nonprofit organizations.Form 1023-EZ is the streamlined version of Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Any organization may file Form 1023 to apply for recognition of exemption from federal… Read More »

IRS Form 990 Tax Exempt Organizations

As you probably know, the Form 990 is the information return that most large tax exempt organizations file with the IRS each year. There are variations such as the Form 990-PF for private foundations; the short form, 990-EZ for mid-size organizations; and the Form 990-N e-Postcard for smaller organizations. This article uses terms like Form 990-series… Read More »

What are IRS 501(c)(4) Organizations?

Nonprofit status is a state law concept. An organization usually becomes a nonprofit under state law by filing organizing documents with the state, such as Articles of Incorporation, which indicate the organization is formed under the state’s Nonprofit Corporation Act. Nonprofit status may make an organization eligible for certain benefits, such as exemption from property,… Read More »