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TurboTax Suspicious Filings in 2015

TurboTax shut down access to state tax return filing after the company found what it called “an increase in suspicious filings.” Identity theft is a growing problem for the American taxpayer. Recently, the Internal Revenue Service revealed that it paid $5.2 billion in fraudulent identity theft refunds in 2013. TurboTax Suspicious Filings in 2015 The tax-preparation… Read More »

Using a PIN to File Tax Return Electronically

If you file your tax returns electronically using software to file online, you must sign the tax return using the method of self-signed personal identification number ( PIN).This method allows taxpayers to electronically sign your tax on personal income by selecting a PIN five digits.   Using PIN to file Tax The PIN consists of five digits (excluding all zeros)… Read More » Free Online Tax Preparation

This is an article in a series about tax preparation software for 2013. does not sponsor or prefer any of the tax preparation sites reviewed in these article. Free Online Tax Preparation Taxpayers can file their 2013 Federal and State Taxes Online for free if their income is less than $58,000 using… Read More »