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Using a PIN to File Tax Return Electronically

If you file your tax returns electronically using software to file online, you must sign the tax return using the method of self-signed personal identification number ( PIN).This method allows taxpayers to electronically sign your tax on personal income by selecting a PIN five digits.   Using PIN to file Tax The PIN consists of five digits (excluding all zeros)… Read More »

Missing Tax Filing Deadline

What should you do if you miss the tax filing deadline? The IRS has some tips for taxpayers who missed the deadline for filing taxes. File as soon as possible. If you have to pay federal income taxes, you must file and pay as soon as possible to reduce penalties and interest. There is no penalty for… Read More »

Paying Taxes Late Failure to Pay Penalty

What happens if you do not pay your taxes by April 15? The IRS has several options available to taxpayers who cannot pay their taxes in full on the tax day deadline. Paying Taxes Late Failure to Pay Penalty If you owe a balance due after 4/15, the current Failure To Pay penalty rate is… Read More »