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Getting Married and Filing Taxes FAQ

Below are some common questions about getting married and filing taxes. This information is meant to address common questions that people might have the first time that they file taxes after getting married. There are many misconceptions about getting married and filing taxes that the information below hopes to improve knowledge upon.   What is… Read More »

Taxes Withheld Vs. Actual Tax Burden on Return

The US Internal Revenue Service mandates that money from your paycheck be withheld throughout the year in preparation for paying your taxes by April 15 of the following year. This withholding is based mostly on two things: The size of your paycheck. The number of allowances you claim on your W-4.   Taxes Withheld Vs.… Read More »

Selecting the Right Marital Status on Tax Return

It is important that you use the correct filing status to file your tax return. Your filing status and marital status may affect the tax amount you owe for the year. You can also help determine if you really need to file tax return or not. Please note that your marital status on December 31, is their status… Read More »

Eligibility for Head-of-household Tax Filing Status

There are many different tax filing status. Eligibility for Head-of-household Tax Filing Status Each tax filing status has its own benefits and requirements for qualifying. For example, you can file your taxes single, married, married filing separately, or head of household. Head of Household tax filing status is one the better ways to file if… Read More »

Filing 1040X for an Amended Return

Form 1040X is the amended return. Assuming the original (but incomplete) return was processed, and the Service has not made any changes to what you filed (you would have received a notice if we did.) You were self employed in 2013, and the Form 1099-MISC is the record of your payment. Do not include a copy… Read More »

Form 941 Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return

What forms do employers file? Generally, you must file Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return (QUARTERLY Federal Tax Return, employer) or Form 944 ANNUAL Federal Tax Return Employer’s ) to report all wages that you have paid and tips your employees have reported to you, as well as payroll taxes (withholding of federal income tax, withholding taxes… Read More »

Calculating Clergy Income

Members of the clergy are taxed differently than most taxpayers. An authorized clergyman, appointed or ordained is usually employed in accordance with the customary law of the church, denomination, sect, or organization employs to provide this ministry services. However, there are exceptions, such as itinerant evangelists, who are independent contractors (who are self-employed) at common law. If you… Read More »