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Independent Contractor Tax Questions and Tips Q&A

Filing taxes as an independent contractor can be challenging and complex. The following posts has some suggestions and tips to make tax time as an independent contractor easier. The question and answer format should help many taxpayers understand their tax filing obligations as independent contractors.   Best Places to File Tax Returns Tax Question: Can… Read More »

Seven Tax Tips for Students with a Summer Job

Many students get a summer job during their time off from school. Here are the top seven things the IRS wants everyone to know about income earned while working a summer job.

Taxpayers with multiple summer jobs will want to make sure all their employers are withholding an adequate amount of taxes to cover their total income tax liability.

7 Tips for Taxpayers Starting a New Business

Anyone starting a new business this summer should be aware of their federal tax responsibilities. Here are the top seven things the IRS wants you to know if you plan on opening a new business this year. First, you must decide what type of business entity you are going to establish. The type your business takes will determine which tax form you have to file. The most common types of business are the sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and S corporation.